Bot creator spotlight: Boosting Alpha B.V.
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Bot creator spotlight: Boosting Alpha B.V.
Bot Creator Community
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Bot creator spotlight: Boosting Alpha B.V.

Today, the spotlight is on the bot-creator team Boosting Alpha B.V.: responsible for a number of different brands in the BOTS-app, amongst which “Boosting Alpha”, “Noogieman”, “Dagobert Buck” and more

Bot creator spotlight: Boosting Alpha B.V.

Where would the BOTS-app be without our amazing bot creators? These superheroes are the minds and creators behind the bots in the BOTS-app. But who are they, where are they from, what's their relationship with trading, and what's their philosophy?

Let’s find out, shall we?

Today, the spotlight is on the bot-creator team Boosting Alpha B.V.: responsible for a number of different brands in the BOTS-app, amongst which “Boosting Alpha”, “Noogieman”, “Dagobert Buck”, “Team Dakar” and “Illuminati”. They currently have over fifty-five bots on the BOTS-app.

Boosting Alpha B.V.

“We are a bigger team of more than ten people that only focus on building trading algorithms. We bring them to market through our partners, and BOTS is one of those partners.” But Boosting Alpha B.V. didn’t just arise from nothing. It saw the light of day after years of hard work and dedication. “I started trading thirty years ago when I was a teenager. Back then, I was heavily interested in the area of technical analysis, which at that point in time was a very new development. I’ve been working for over twenty years at premier management consulting firms, so the area of fundamental analysis isn’t new to me.” Roy Lenders explains. “We have a strong background in ICT, Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence, so we started with the trading algorithm development eight years ago. Initially just for personal purposes, but this later developed into the company Boosting Alpha.”

The advantages of automated trading

According to Roy, there are multiple advantages to automated trading. “Financial trading is the Champions League for Data Sciences and Artificial Intelligence, so that was one of the reasons for us to get involved in this space. There are two main benefits of using algorithms versus manual trading. Algorithms don’t have emotions, and trading can be very emotional when stakes get high (which is why good manual traders have a lifecycle of only two years on average). Also, algorithms are able to ingest more data much faster than humans.”

“We are trying to find the needle in the haystack.”

But creating algorithms for this purpose isn’t meant for everyone. “Creativity and uniqueness are important when it comes to creating bots. The most difficult aspect in developing trading algorithms is the creativity in figuring out new trading concepts. Many parties just copy/paste well-known trading concepts. This might work for some time, but the validity over longer periods is not guaranteed.”

Converting gravitational wave detection into the world of trading

To ensure the delivery of top-notch performance bots, Team Boosting Alpha focuses on the development of a variety of strategies and concepts. “The holy grail in the world of financial trading is to develop a collection of uncorrelated trading algorithms. The combinations of this collection would then be more immune to crashes and have a lower risk profile. We are trying to find the needle in the haystack and are experimenting with lots of strange ideas. For example, we currently have a big, ongoing project where we try to convert ideas from the world of gravitational wave detection into the world of financial trading.”

But besides developing a wide variety of strategies, they also minted to develop their own trading hypotheses. “We do not copy/paste trading concepts or look too much at other parties. When more and more people use the same trading strategy, the strategy automatically becomes worthless. So we really try to be unique in our strategies.”

Team Boosting Alpha and the BOTS app

The BOTS-app is a great platform for both the users and the bot creators. The community vibe is strong, and bot creators like Boosting Alpha B.V. do all they can to connect with the users: “We’re very active on the BOTS Discord channel. We even have our own channel there, so please feel free to ask any questions you have there! We are committed long-term to our partners. Likewise, we have been working together with the BOTS team since the start of their journey, and we really feel we made this journey together. We have good experiences with the team, and I think they’re strong in marketing in sales. The app is tailored to a broad category of users, and they’re starting to conquer the world!“

Advice to new bot creators

At the moment, team Boosting Alpha has over fifty-five bots on the BOTS-app: “Most of them are performing well. We have been keeping track of our bots since their start on the platform. On average, our bots roughly have a 5% increase per month. Which is consistent with our expectations upfront based on all our tests.”

Their advice for BOTS app users? “Divide your capital over many types of bots. This lowers risks.” Guess we’re lucky that they keep refreshing the BOTS library for us!

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