Bot creator spotlight: Dutch Quant Collective
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Bot creator spotlight: Dutch Quant Collective
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Bot creator spotlight: Dutch Quant Collective

Today, the spotlight is on the bot-creator team Dutch Quant Collective: responsible for several brands in the BOTS-app, including a.o. Back2TheFutures, Dynamic Rebalance, King of the future and more.

Bot creator spotlight: Dutch Quant Collective

Where would the BOTS app be without our amazing bot creators? These superheroes are the minds and creators behind the bots in the BOTS app. But who are they, where are they from, what's their relationship with trading, and what's their philosophy?

Let’s find out, shall we?

Today, the spotlight is on the bot-creator team Dutch Quant Collective: responsible for several brands in the BOTS-app, including a.o. Back2TheFutures, Dynamic Rebalance, King of the future and many more.

The Dutch Quant Collective

The Dutch Quant Collective has a background in traditional finance. They know that ‘return of money’ is just as important as ‘return on money’. And that’s why DQC bots won’t promise you “millions” overnight. Instead, they decided to focus on excellent returns, keeping the risks in mind! “We are a team that consists of a group of crypto enthusiasts active in the crypto sphere from the beginning. We combine “grey” hairs with youthful enthusiasm. Together, we have over 50 years of experience in the “traditional” financial markets and have been involved in crypto for years now. The team members vary in age between 19 and 52!”

“This is the best job in the world.”

And it’s precisely that variety within the team that makes the Dutch Quant Collective so interesting: “We see the opportunities and changes the crypto market can offer and approach these opportunities with the experience and lessons learned (and we learned quite a few…) over the last years. This offers and unique combination of new, and past experiences. This is complemented with our “in-house” programming skills that translates the above into reliable and agile trading bots.”

From traditional traders to bot creators

Like all bot creators, the DQC has its own ‘origin’ tale to tell. Before getting where they are now, difficult choices had to be made… “We have been “traditional” traders for many years in multiple asset classes for the top financial institutions, so we know the drill. Adding crypto as an asset class was a very natural next step for us. But some employers did not see the opportunities crypto had to offer, so we had to choose and decided to start trading for ourselves. Normally we traded for institutional investors, but now we can finally reach the consumer directly.”

The BOTS love story.

And thankfully, they found BOTS to do so. “We heard about BOTS back in 2018 when they first started, and we became enthusiasts right from the start. We have known the potential of algorithms for a long time, but we were only able to offer these to institutions or high net worth individuals. We can offer these algorithms to consumers with the BOTS app, so it was only natural to start offering our algorithms using the BOTS app. After starting with a few rebalancers to try the platform and see how it works; we added new bots based on patterns in futures prices. Now, we find ourselves on the brink of releasing new bots in the coming next months based on “on-chain data analysis”.

“We have future collaborations planned with big names in the crypto sphere.”

As much as we love DQC, they love us back: “The whole concept is brilliant. Now “Institutional Investing” is available for consumers, who would have ever thought this would be possible. Of course, the app can always be improved, and we know BOTS will always take action to do so. Constantly getting better is a credo. The BOTS team is pure energy. You can see they have a clear goal in mind and a “can do” mentality.”

Game-changing future collaborations

And as if all those kind words aren’t enough, DQC has some exciting plans for the future to share as well! “We will be collaborating with big names in the crypto sphere. We also invite creative algorithm builders worldwide to come to DQC to share their ideas. If you have a great idea for an algorithm but aren’t that IT-minded: come to us! With our associate program, you will become an associate BOT builder using your knowledge and our operations. This is the best job in the world. Analysing patterns, seeing correlations and creating a bot that works and delivers is a fantastic feeling!”

DQC and the BOTS app

The BOTS app is a great platform for both users and bot creators. The community vibe is strong, and bot creators like DQC do all they can to connect with the users: “We are active on Discord and have our own website to get all the information necessary about the bots and their performance. Last but not least, we have our own Twitter account where we share all trading information about the bot you are investing in. Maximum transparency, maximum involvement!”

Advice to new bot creators

Their advice for BOTS app users? “We love algorithms and are firm believers in algorithms. Markets tend to show patterns that, if you do a deep dive in terms of analysis and recognise them, you can profit from using an algorithm. The possibilities are endless, so choose a strategy. What is it you are good at and stick to what you know? But most importantly: have fun doing it. A crypto sphere is a fantastic place with high energy!

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