Bot creator spotlight: Kronos
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Bot creator spotlight: Kronos
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Bot creator spotlight: Kronos

Today, the spotlight is on the bot-creator team Kronos: currently holding over 10 bots in the BOTS app since January 2022, including Eros, Hermes and Alcmene.

Bot creator spotlight: Kronos

Where would the BOTS app be without our fantastic bot creators? These superheroes are the masterminds and creators behind the bots in the BOTS app. But who are they, where are they from, what’s their relationship with trading, and what’s their philosophy? 

Let’s find out, shall we?

Today, the spotlight is on the bot-creator team Kronos: currently holding over 10 bots in the BOTS app since January 2022, including Eros, Hermes and Alcmene.


In Greek mythology, Kronos is the youngest of the Titans. He is a son of Ouranos and Gaea. Cronus is thrown to earth by his father one day, because he is jealous of him. 

However, Kronos takes revenge. He castrates his father and takes over. Ouranos predicts to his son that one day he will also be overthrown by one of his sons. Fearing his father's prediction, Kronos decides to devour all children born to his sister Rhea immediately after birth. After all, they can do nothing to eat him. Rhea, however, manages to spare a child. 

This child – the later supreme god Zeus – is born on Crete and later makes sure that his father takes an emetic that causes him to vomit up all his eaten children. Zeus thus becomes united with his siblings Hestia, Hera, Demeter, Poseidon and Hades.

It may come as no surprise that all the bots created by Kronos are in fact Greek Gods or related to them. As of January 2022 Kronos has added 14 bots (or gods) to the BOTS app. But besides a Greek God, who else is Kronos?

“It was actually my wife who suggested that we use the names of the Greek gods for our bots.”

Kronos - the bot creator

Bjorn Bon is the creator of the infamous Kronos bots in the BOTS app. In the early beginning of 2021 Bjorn was first made aware of the BOTS app. “As I have a mathematical background I knew that that was the thing I wanted to use to create strategies with.” 

Instead of moving straight to writing an algorithmic trading strategy, Bjorn used his knowledge and experience to write a program that would produce these strategies. “The first program I wrote produced 20.000 strategies, or bots. I put all of these bots to the test with historical data from 2018 up until 2021 to check their performance in great years, but also in the bad years.

20.000 bots?

Obviously not all 20.000 bots would stand the test of time. “I chose to work with a blend of aggressive and defensive strategies. The aggressive strategies work very well in good markets, but the defensive strategies are interesting as well. They have proven to outperform the market even in the crazy market for Bitcoin in 2018. However, as they are defensive, the results in peak years have been a bit lower than the market itself.”

An example of such a defensive strategy is Gaia. When we look at the results of Gaia we can see a staggering 51% return in 2018 while Bitcoin had a -78% return that year. A year later Gaya made a 33% return while Bitcoin made a 96% return."

What do sound and trading strategies have in common?

Bjorn does not have a background in investing or trading. “Of course I do find it interesting,” he says, “but my background is in computer science and electronics.”

During his university years in Eindhoven he worked a lot on sound processing. “Which is just a signal, just like Bitcoin is a signal. And using this as a starting point you can address both from a mathematical point of view.” 

“In signal processing, the Fourier transformation is used for analyzing the frequency spectrum of signals.” 

New Kronos bots

All this knowledge, and experience, has now led to the development of a new range of bots that Kronos is preparing to release in the BOTS app.

“Where the first batch of bots only traded one asset, I have now created a program that creates strategies using multiple assets. I do always use USDT as a base asset, just because it is the safest thing to do.”

Bjorns’ program created 10.000 new bots that have been back tested under the same circumstances as the first batch of bots. Using the years 2018 until now. Only the best three performing bots from this test will make it to the BOTS app: Hypnos, Pallas and Nemesis.

These bots monitor and analyse 25 different assets on a daily basis and then decide how to spread the risk as best as possible. The first bot divides the investment in 10% pieces, the second bot in 20% pieces and the third in 30% pieces. 

Check out Hypnos in the app

Advice to new bot creators

Bjorn is really enthusiastic about adding more creators to the BOTS app. “I don’t see them as competition, but rather as more learning opportunities for myself.” 

In that regard Bjorn is also creating a website with insights into how the Kronos bots’ work using statistics and graphs. “I will only use historical data of course and won;t share my algorithm, but if I can learn, so can others.”

However the best advice Bjorn has for aspiring bot creators is to backtest, to backtest and to backstest. “That was a real eye opener for myself and the reason I am now able to only add the best bots of my program to the BOTS app.” 

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