Using Discord when becoming a bot creator
Using Discord when becoming a bot creator
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Using Discord when becoming a bot creator

Discord is designed to address difficulties with chatting, verbal communication, and organizing people to complete tasks. BOTS and the bot creators are both active on Discord.

Using Discord when becoming a bot creator

Discord is designed to address difficulties with chatting, verbal communication, and organizing people to complete tasks. It's a free platform that combines the chat UI seen in products like Slack with video and voice chat, comparable to Skype. It has quickly grown to be one of the most popular, with 250 million users and 14 million daily visitors. Discord plays a significant role in the cryptocurrency world. Crypto projects, users, and enthusiasts form communities there and thanks to that Discord has become a go-to place for everything crypto-related (from news to amazing networks of knowledgeable people who are experts and can teach you a lot on this topic). You could be a lost investor in the cryptocurrency universe if you don't join an active discord channel. Here's why you should use Discord: Accessible, up-to-date information has been recognized as one of the most valuable assets in the crypto market. In the cryptosphere, Discord is regarded as a verified blue tick on Instagram. Discord has been a godsend to traders and cryptocurrency enthusiasts because it provides a secure communication platform, allowing users to follow the footsteps of industry leaders all over the world and keep up with trends.

Let's break down the Discord language first:

Servers: The word "server" refers to each separately maintained community. Anyone may create their own server, whether it be a small group of friends or a huge project with hundreds of people. The server is then divided into smaller, more manageable "channels," which are essentially community chat rooms dedicated to a certain topic or activity.

Channels: You may generally discover separate chat rooms such as upcoming events or notifications about new developments When you begin participating in channels and getting to know other users, you can add people as friends, start private chats, and even establish private servers for trusted organizations. For instance, there are channels to discuss news, the state of the markets, memes, and more.

The BOTS Love Program is a premium membership for users who have been loyal to us throughout the years. It's our way of showing gratitude and giving back to the community. Our objective is to recognize the people who have been with us the longest, demonstrated their loyalty, and been most active in our community. 

That's why we've set up 12 distinct tiers for our Discord users. You'll earn points that you can use to purchase items in the shop as you climb through the levels. On Discord, members of our community will have access to unique perks, birthday presents, limited edition merchandise, NFT whitelist spots, and even be designated as brand ambassadors.

  • Special Channel for potential bot creators and bot creators where they can share their ideas, and strategies, extend their network, and much more, you get the idea
  • We have 2 roles for BCs - Potential Bot Creators and Bot Creators
  • Having one of these roles on Discord provides access to the Bots for Bot Creators Channel which includes the following sub-channels: Botspedia, Bots News, General - Creator - Talk, Support
  • We offer a full-service NFT Sub Channel, in which we also describe how to get started with a cryptocurrency wallet.
  • Support for both potential and current Bot Creators is available
  • We'll deliver the most current information on company developments relating to system upgrades.
  • Informing Bot Creators about: API updates, legal changes, app updates
  • We will also let them know about the addition of new crypto assets, inform them about the possibility of adding different strategies to their bots (e.g. short strategies)

If you're looking for a supportive community of bot creators, the BOTS Love Program is the perfect place for you. Our Discord channel offers a variety of resources and support for both potential and current bot creators. You can stay up to date with changes happening in the company, learn about different coins and assets, and get support from other members of the community. Plus, you'll have access to exclusive perks and merchandise as a thank you for your loyalty. So come join us today and see what we're all about!

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