Risk Level Scale - BOTS

BOTS Risk Level Scale

BOTS uses a 1- 12 scale to determine the risk of trading strategies that run on the BOTS app. The scale of risk is proposed to categorize risks along with a multidimensional ranking. In general, it can be said:

  • Low-risk level: risk scale 1/12 up to 4/12
  • Mid-risk level: 5/12 up to 8/12
  • High-risk level: 9/12 up to 12/12

The risk number becomes more meaningful when measured over a longer period of time. Below are the main performance statistics BOTS uses to measure the risk:

In time BOTS will define and measure more performance statistics. The statistical measures above can be very misleading. Market circumstances can change. The trading strategy may not be able to deal with these changes very well. Even if a bot has performed well for a considerable amount of time, losses could mount quickly when the underlying asset in which the bot trades suddenly plunges.

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