Becoming a bot creator: follow these 10 easy steps
Becoming a bot creator: follow these 10 easy steps
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Becoming a bot creator: follow these 10 easy steps

Welcome to the world of BOTS, a platform where anyone can create and use bots for automated trading.

Becoming a bot creator: follow these 10 easy steps

Welcome to the world of BOTS, a platform where anyone can create and use bots for automated trading. Our approach is designed to provide bot creators with all the resources they need to get started in bot programming. Whether you're an experienced trader looking for new opportunities or just starting out and wanting to learn more about bot creation, this guide has everything you need. Here you'll find detailed tutorials on creating bots, advice on risk management, and tips on making money with your bot. So let's get started!


If you're a new trader or coder who wants to develop their bot but has no idea where to start, look no further. These three resources will give you the tools and information needed for success.

  1. Bot Creator KYC
  2. BOTSLab on GitHubBOTSLab Walkthrough
  3. API for Bot Creation

Our Community

Aside from enabling bot creators and users to make money on our platform, we believe in building a supportive community. We want to create a safe space for people with shared interests to connect and exchange knowledge. Our goal is to have an open dialogue between users of bots, the BOTS team, and bot creators.

  1. Discord for Bot Creators

At the starting line

You've now created your bot and joined our large community on Discord. You're almost ready to go live in our app and make a lot of money for yourself and others. To help you achieve this, we recommend reading these two articles. The first will explain how we measure the performance of bots here at BOTS, while the second provides tips on writing an effective bot description that appeals to users and convinces them to choose your particular bot.

  1. Desirable Performance Behavior
  2. Tips on a Great Bot Description

Be Smart

A proper understanding of risk and exposure is essential for any trader looking to achieve success. Without these two concepts, traders are more susceptible to sudden market surprises that could destroy their strategy entirely. By taking risks into account and knowing how much exposure they have to potential losses, traders can set themselves up for long-term success in the markets.

  1. Risk Exposure
  2. Slippage

Getting Paid

We're happy to have you on board and help you become profitable. Here's all the information regarding your paycheck that you'll need. Welcome aboard and enjoy!

  1. Bot Creator Fee Structure

Successful Bot Creators

If you're wondering if your bot qualifies for the shorting feature, read this article to find out!

  1. BOTS Shorting Summarized

By taking advantage of the resources available here, bot creators have access to all the guidance needed to become successful traders and make money on our platform. With a large supportive community and comprehensive tutorials, anyone can learn how to use our app and create an effective bot that will bring in profits. Join us today! Let's make money together.

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