Bitcoin Clears $30k level
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Bitcoin Clears $30k level
Market Insights
27/10/2023 2:24 PM

Bitcoin Clears $30k level

Bitcoin is mirroring gold's bullish trends, surging to $30,797, a 14% monthly increase, amidst geopolitical tensions and speculation on Federal Reserve policies.


  • Experts underscore Bitcoin's unique benefits and potential for increased volatility, while the Crypto Fear & Greed Index shows heightened market optimism. Traders are keenly watching the pivotal $32,000 level, as its breach could propel Bitcoin higher, while a rejection might lead to significant declines.

  • A false news report claiming that BlackRock was set to launch a Bitcoin ETF caused a swift Bitcoin price rally and subsequent drop, leading to over $85 million in liquidated positions. The event exposed the crypto market's vulnerability to misinformation and underscored its volatility. While the false news quickly influenced market prices, experts suggest that the actual approval of a Bitcoin ETF would have a more substantial impact, opening up the crypto space to a wider investor base. Despite previous rejections due to concerns over market manipulation, industry giants continue to pursue Bitcoin ETF approvals, reflecting ongoing interest and optimism in the potential for regulatory acceptance.

  • The yield on the 10-year U.S. Treasury note, a crucial benchmark for global borrowing costs, recently surpassed 5% for the first time since July 2007. This increase is significant as it reflects investor confidence in the U.S. economy's growth, despite a rising national budget deficit and changes by the Federal Reserve driving up interest rates. These higher rates can influence various aspects of the economy, impacting loan costs for big purchases like homes and cars, and signalling potential further actions by the Federal Reserve to maintain economic stability.

Bitcoin Clears $30k level

Bitcoin is currently exhibiting bullish behaviour, paralleling trends seen in interest rate-sensitive assets like gold. The cryptocurrency's value has surged to $30,797, its highest since mid-July, marking a 14% increase for the month. In contrast, gold has seen a modest 6.7% gain. The uptick in gold began a week prior to bitcoin's, fueled by geopolitical tensions and speculation around the Federal Reserve's monetary policy, indicating potential inflation.

Greg Magadini of Amberdata highlights the positive correlation between rate-sensitive assets and Bitcoin, emphasising Bitcoin’s unique attributes such as its portability, inflation resistance, and independence from government control. He also points out the potential bullish impact of developments in the cryptocurrency ETF space and the Ripple lawsuit.

Analysts at Blockware Solutions also attribute Bitcoin's rally to the optimism surrounding a potential spot price-tracking Bitcoin ETF. Meanwhile, Alex Thorn from Firmwide Research notes that the current positioning of options market makers could lead to increased short-term price volatility in Bitcoin, further amplifying its upward trajectory.

The Crypto Fear & Greed Index, a popular indicator used to gauge the market's sentiment, has shown increased volatility recently, spiking into the "greed" category at a rating of 63/100. This is its highest level since July 12 and aligns with Bitcoin's push to breach the $30,000 mark over the weekend, emphasising the importance of this price level to traders.

Altcoin Sherpa, a well-known trader, referred to the $30,000 range as a "scary area" and highlighted the crucial nature of Bitcoin’s next price movements in determining its mid-term trajectory. He posited two scenarios: a breakthrough above $32,000 could propel Bitcoin towards $40,000, while a strong rejection or formation of a lower high around this level could send it down to the low $20,000s. Despite leaning towards a potential rise to $40,000, Altcoin Sherpa expressed uncertainty due to the significant resistance at the $32,000 level.

Fake News causes 7% pump

A false news report claiming that BlackRock Inc. had approval to launch a spot Bitcoin ETF led to a rapid rally and subsequent reversal in Bitcoin's price, resulting in over $85 million in liquidated trading positions. The incident, which saw Bitcoin's value temporarily surge above $30,000, highlights the ongoing challenges of investor protection in the largely unregulated cryptocurrency market. It also reignites the debate over whether the potential introduction of a spot Bitcoin ETF has been fully accounted for in the market's current pricing.

The false report spread quickly through social media, pushing Bitcoin’s price up significantly before BlackRock clarified that their ETF application was still under review. The price then retreated to its pre-incident level around $28,300. The swift market response to the unverified news underscores the volatility and susceptibility to misinformation in the crypto space, as well as the eagerness of traders and investors to capitalise on potential major developments like the approval of a spot Bitcoin ETF.

Michael O’Rourke, Chief Market Strategist at JonesTrading, emphasised the challenges of protecting investors in the unregulated cryptocurrency market, which is known for attracting speculative trading and deceptive practices. This event adds to the ongoing discussion about the need for regulatory oversight and investor protection in the crypto market.

Despite the challenges and past rejections from regulators citing concerns over market manipulation and scams, numerous companies, including industry heavyweights like BlackRock, Invesco, and Fidelity, continue to pursue the approval of a spot Bitcoin ETF. With more than 10 outstanding applications, many analysts believe the chances of approval are increasing.

Todd Sohn from Strategas Securities and Roxanna Islam from VettaFi both suggest that the real approval of a spot Bitcoin ETF would likely lead to a more substantial and sustained market rally, as it would open up the crypto market to a broader investor base. This incident serves as a reminder of the market's sensitivity to news and developments related to Bitcoin ETFs, and the potential impact such products could have on the crypto space.

Surge in U.S. Treasury Yields:

The interest rate on a very important type of U.S. government loan (the 10-year U.S. Treasury note) went above 5% recently. This is a big deal because it hasn't been this high since July 2007. People and companies from all around the world use this rate as a guide for what they should charge or pay for loans.

So why did this rate go up? A few reasons:

1. Investors think the U.S. economy is doing well and will continue to grow.

2. The U.S. government has been spending more money than it has, creating a budget deficit.

3. The Federal Reserve (the U.S. central bank) is also making some changes that are pushing interest rates higher.

People are paying attention to this because higher interest rates can affect lots of things, like the cost of getting a mortgage for a house or a loan for a car. It's also a sign that the Federal Reserve might want to make other changes to keep the economy stable.

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