Growth monthly investing
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Growth monthly investing
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7/5/2024 2:41 PM

Growth monthly investing

Monthly contributions grow by 500% in the first quarter.

Monthly contributions improve the risk-return ratio. This explains why customers are opting for monthly contributions in droves. In this article, we address three frequently asked questions about monthly contributions:

1: What is the mathematical advantage?

By depositing a fixed (euro) amount, relatively more assets (stocks, crypto) are purchased when prices are relatively low, and fewer assets when prices are relatively high. This means you are buying on average at more favourable prices.

2: Is the risk lower?

Compared to investing a lump sum, monthly contributions are not dependent on the price levels at a fixed moment. You spread your risk.

3: It is a mind game!

Only the most professional and seasoned professionals don't do it, the rest do: Buying when prices rise and selling when prices fall. We invest like sheeps: we follow the herd. This is very bad for your investment results. With monthly investing, you solve this danger.

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