Spinoza equity fund a great success
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Spinoza equity fund a great success
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7/5/2024 2:38 PM

Spinoza equity fund a great success

The Spinoza Caute equity fund has started very successfully with hundreds of participants.

This is the first stock fund in the BOTS app. The fund aims to significantly outperform the stock markets and popular ETFs, while being less sensitive to negative stock market periods.

Important information:
- Entry and exit is monthly. Very normal in the investment world, but this is new for BOTS, so it takes some getting used to.

- Performance update: This is also monthly. This cannot be otherwise because the fund is fully licensed in Europe and must report its performance according to a strict protocol.

- Boarding starts from €5,000. Entry for these types of funds is customary from 250,000, with us it is possible from 5,000 due to the extensive AIFMD permit.

- You can invest with a maximum of 50,000 per day. For larger amounts, please contact us at support@bots.io so that we can guide the process.

In which shares?
The Spinoza Fund has taken positions in Alphabet, Meta, Nvidia, Adidas, Hennes & Mauritz, Besi and L'Oréal, among others. The quant model trained over 25 years indicates that these are the right stocks to own now.

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