ChatGPT and its Impact on The Cryptocurrency Industry
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ChatGPT and its Impact on The Cryptocurrency Industry
Market Insights
28/2/2023 5:42 PM

ChatGPT and its Impact on The Cryptocurrency Industry

In this article, we’ll examine the AI tool, ChatGPT and highlight its impact on the current and future cryptocurrency industry.

Almost overnight, the AI industry became the hottest niche in technology and innovation. In November 2022, the AI model ChatGPT was launched to the wider public, and the sheer scope of its capabilities shocked the world, signaling a significant shift in the trajectory of technological innovation.

ChatGPT’s successes opened up a whole new world of possibilities in other industries. While its impact in these industries was quite abrupt, the real strength of ChatGPT lies in its potential use applications, especially alongside trading tools like BOTS.

Already, the AI model has revolutionized the cryptocurrency industry, and market enthusiasts, blockchain developers, and other affiliated experts are excited. They are also keenly testing the waters, as much of what the AI can truly do still remains undiscovered.

What is ChatGPT & How Does It Work?

ChatGPT is an innovative AI chatbot model developed by OpenAI and launched in November 2022. The model is trained to interact conversationally, responding to manual prompts in a dialogue format that allows it to answer follow-up questions, admit errors, challenge wrong premises, and deny inappropriate queries. 

ChatGPT is trained to respond to prompt engineering and provide highly detailed and impressively accurate responses. 

Like any other language-learning chatbot model, ChatGPT is powered by vast amounts of computing techniques and data to make predictions for putting words together meaningfully. The AI model is fed vast information and vocabulary and algorithmically trained to mimic speech patterns as it dispatches its encyclopedic knowledge. 

What Can ChatGPT Do?

The full extent of the AI’s potential is yet unknown, even by its developers. However, it can do a lot of impressive things at the moment. For instance, it can recommend accurate suggestions to basic queries or prompts such as “write me a poem.” 

Already, ChatGPT has drawn a lot of controversy in academia, as academicians have to deal with the implications of a chatbot that can deliver accurate answers to complex questions as readily as the most brilliant professor. But that’s not all.

ChatGPT can churn out complex pieces of code and even point out errors in code for various programming languages. We could go on about the exciting applications of ChatGPT in various industries, but for the sake of this article, we’ll be sticking to its impact on the cryptocurrency industry. Let’s take a closer look.

ChatGPT and Cryptocurrency: An Exciting Match

The impact of ChatGPT has been widespread and felt in virtually every niche in the digital ecosystem. In the cryptocurrency industry, it already has several use cases, with potentially more in the near future, as the AI model advances and is improved on by its developers.

  • Smart Contract Creation

One of ChatGPT’s most exciting potentials lies in smart contract creation. Smart contracts are blockchain-based computer programs that automate the terms of an agreement upon fulfilling preset terms and conditions. Today, smart contracts are created by blockchain developers who create dynamic conditions and make the programs self-executing when the conditions are met.

In the future, smart contracts can combine with AI technology like ChatGPT to help create even more dynamic and complex contractual interactions. For instance, in addition to automating the execution of the contracts, it can analyze the potential benefits and risks of the contracts and recommend changes to enhance the agreement. Such agreements would subsequently not require any further human intervention.

  • Crypto Education 

Much of the reason behind the slow adoption of cryptocurrency today is that many people don’t know much about blockchain technology and how it works. Several myths and falsehoods feature in the public perception of cryptocurrency, as many people still think that it is little more than a large-scale Ponzi scheme.

With the advent of language-learning AI models like ChatGPT, anyone can easily query the chatbot for concise, easy-to-understand information on cryptocurrency and how it works.

While before, knowledge of cryptocurrency was limited to Google queries and its Search Engine Results Page (SERP). ChatGPT provides alternative access to knowledge and makes it possible to tweak answers so that anyone can understand them, regardless of their level of knowledge of the technology, as typified in the Finbold experiment. 

  • Cryptocurrency Trading

Today, many crypto traders and investors rely on various trading bots, such as the BOTS app, to optimize their trading experience. The BOTS app is an easy-to-use trading bot that is designed for both newbies and seasoned investors.

With ChatGPT, crypto trading takes on a whole new level, as analysts and programmers can use it to create trading bots based on various programming languages. 

The AI model makes it possible to generate code, which, when combined with various blockchain APIs, can deliver impressive results. For instance, it is possible to have ChatGPT write a computer function that allows a programmer to request trading orders, real-time market prices, and other useful trading information.

In other words, ChatGPT can enhance the functions of trading bots like the BOTS app and other blockchain-based APIs.

  • Crypto Prediction 

Although cryptocurrency prediction is not a precise art, ChatGPT has the potential to provide unique, sentiment-free insight into future market prices and short-term crypto price movements.

The AI model brims with encyclopedic data and can use its vast knowledge of the historical cryptocurrency market to make potentially accurate predictions. 

Although such predictions should not be taken as investment advice, they still represent unique market insight and can be invaluable to traders. Even more, the AI can chip in interesting opinions on real-world matters linked to the fortunes of cryptocurrency tokens, such as the ongoing legal battle between the SEC and Ripple.

Challenges of ChatGPT in the Crypto Industry

Although there is potential for AI in the crypto industry, there are a few obstacles to realizing this promise. For instance, the potential for bias in the data used in training the AI model can result in unreliable predictions. 

As such, when using AI in financial markets, such as the crypto market, there’s a need to enhance the interaction between ChatGPT and other existing crypto-related processes and tools. Even so, users must not neglect the place of their personal technical analysis and bias. It is also important to note that despite every form of analysis provided by any AI, the cryptocurrency market is volatile. As such, losing a significant part of your funds is still very much possible.


Of course, ChatGPT has the potential to revolutionize the cryptocurrency industry completely. It has several exceptional use cases, including the capacity to enhance crypto trading, when used alongside other efficient trading algorithms like BOTS. However, it is noteworthy that AI must also be used in synchrony with one’s personal diligence and research in order to achieve optimum results. 

Nevertheless, ChatGPT is still very much in its early stages of evolution. Indeed, the coming months and years will see more innovation and potential solutions that this thriving AI can provide.

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