Managed assets safe with BOTS
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Managed assets safe with BOTS
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20/12/2022 2:28 PM

Managed assets safe with BOTS

All the money that is on the app at BOTS is under legal ownership of ‘BOTS Custodian Foundation’. By this, we aim to ensure that all our clients’ investments fall under this foundation and are protected in the event of bankruptcy. So, safety for you.


Trust in technology and the digital world is increasing every day, and this trend is no different when it comes to the BOTS App. We are continuously working on a safe, secure, and reliable environment for everyone.

Risk management

We think it is very important to ensure the best security for the funds that are in our app. Not only for the risks of possible hacks, but also in regard the trade exchanges. As early as the second quarter of 2022, BOTS started to work with more secure decentralized blockchain exchanges (DeFi). This way, the funds are not concentrated in one place but well distributed and, hopefully, more safe.

If you would like to know more about this, please do not hesitate to contact us. We're happy to help.

Check out more about out 'BOTS Custodian Foundation' here.

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