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The Trade Tab Explained
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19/12/2022 7:16 AM

The Trade Tab Explained

Whether you’re new to the BOTS app or you’ve been using it for a while, you must’ve definitely come across the Trade tab in the BOTS app. In this post, we explain all there is to know about this tab.

When you visit the Bot store, you will see three tabs in there. Before we dive deeper into the second one: The Trade tab, you should note that this tab is generally for the more seasoned traders. Having said that, don’t shy away from exploring it.  

As the name suggests, in this tab, you will find all our old and new trade bots. Trade bots actively trade on exchanges with the ultimate goal of outperforming the market and maximizing your profits.

There are many trading strategies, like trend-following or mean-reversion, that these bots may follow. Another factor of variation between the many bots in this tab is the assets they trade in. For example, some of them may trade in cryptocurrencies while some others may trade in gold. 

The different categories of trade bots that you may come across in this tab:

  1. Monthly heroes: Here, you will find high-performing bots that have had great results in the past month. You should note that some high-performing bots may be excluded from this list if they are full. 
  2. Weekly stars: Here, you can find bots that have performed great over the past seven days. The metric taken into consideration here is the high ROI. 
  3. Popular bots: In this category, you will find trade bots that have been started by the highest amount of users. Note: If a bot in this category catches your attention, be sure to start it before it becomes full.  
  4. New bots: As the name suggests, in this category, you will find the ten newest bots. Although these are new bots, you must know that they have been thoroughly tested before being made available to you. 
  5. Low-risk trading: Bots in this category are chosen based on one attribute - ‘risk aversion’. They either are very selective with their trades, or they spread the risk across multiple coins. 
  6. More bots: All the trade bots that do not yet fulfill the criteria to fit into one of the above-mentioned categories go here. You never know; one of these just might be the next Monthly hero, so make sure you take a look at the strategy behind these bots too.
  7. Full bots: When a bot is full, i.e., it has reached its maximum trading volume, it is moved to this category. In other words: the market cap is maxed out, and it is no longer possible to fund this bot. Note: A bot in this category may be available to be funded again at a later stage if the market cap on it is increased or if another user stops this particular bot. 
  8. Junior bots: In here, you will find bots that have been created by our newest bot creators. You may come across bots that have a new approach toward trading opportunities. Once a junior bot proves to be consistent and keeps up its performance, its space for investment is increased. 

And there you have it! A short yet useful crash course on all things you need to know about the trade tab.

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