What Does FUD Mean in Investing?
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Investing Basics
What Does FUD Mean in Investing?
Investing Basics
23/1/2023 3:45 PM

What Does FUD Mean in Investing?

FUD, in the context of investing, stands for Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt. Like FOMO, this term too refers to a specific mindset in relation to an asset or the investment market in general. Let’s find out more.

Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt is a manipulation tactic that spreads a negative sentiment around an asset. This is done to cause a drop in asset prices. Just the rumor of a possible event negatively affecting the price of a coin can cause FUD. People sometimes may take things out of context or exaggerate a piece of information to create a fake buzz and manipulate investors to sell. The more disastrous something could possibly be, the greater the fear surrounding it, and the more it becomes a target for people to spread FUD.

Why would anyone do something like that? Well, there are situations in which you can benefit from a cryptocurrency declining in price. For example, if you’re shorting crypto. 

Anticipating regulations by various governments and countries is a great example of something that can create Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt. Try not to fall into the FUD trap by always checking if your sources are reliable. 

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